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You're invited to explore this collection of romance tales featuring lovers who are age 50 and above. These Better Late Romance novels have been written by award-winning authors who are all members of the renowned Orange County Fictionaires. More stories are added on occasion. Check back often!


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NOTE: These stories are fun to read in ANY order. This page has the original six books ...

michelle - mission.jpg
Twelfth Night meets Mission Impossible when a retiree poses as her brother to investigate the only man she’s loved.

In this fast-paced romantic comedy, Sandra Baak’s twin brother is missing and her handler has a secret mission for her. It involves mistaken identities, corporate spies, and a second chance with the man she’s secretly loved for decades—if she doesn’t have to unveil him as a traitor!

She might even find her brother. And that’s the tricky part, because when necessary, she’s been passing herself off as her male twin for years. Mark Orlando, the wealthy aerospace CEO she’s investigating—and trying to keep from falling for all over again—doesn’t know Sandra’s a woman.
Or does he?

half bake.jpg
It’s double- chocolate donuts meets kefir. Can two people from separate grocery store aisles overcome their differences?

Maggie Milne has everything she needs—a loving family, a delightful bakery, good books, and cat food.

But when Stephen Fox, a health food nut, opens a sporting goods store and café across the street and some of Maggie’s loyal customers begin to replace their morning donuts with gluten-free grub, Maggie’s ire, as well as her yeasty rolls, begins to rise.

trashy romancee.jpg
Trashman Marty doesn't want a throw-away romance.  With sweet librarian Kelly, he may have found a keeper!

Amiable librarian Kelly Sharpe is unlucky in love. After a series of near-misses, she’s surprised when romance blossoms from the unlikeliest of sources – Marty Brower, her trash man, a former stockbroker who left Wall Street for a simpler life of rustic bliss.


But Marty’s got a troubling secret, which could trash their relationship – unless Kelly can help him to face his past, when disaster strikes the scenic enclave of Rancho Allegro.

Is it too late for her dreams of motherhood—and love—to come true?

Betrayed by her former husband, Dr. Cody Matchett at 52 has a thriving career but no children.


After a quake rattles her small town, she’s jolted into considering the fate of her half-dozen frozen embryos—and her attraction to attorney Ben Wright. But when Cody sets her sights on the future, she uncovers shocking secrets.

Sparks fly when an aging magician meets a retired Science teacher. Is it Kismet or Chemistry? Sometimes, it takes a tandem to make two strangers fall in love.

When Bonnie Brennan's daughters put her in a skilled nursing facility, she thinks her life is over.

Roy Alfaro's son thinks he should move into a rest home. And he's coming to town to talk  it over.


But life isn't over for these free spirits. A daring day's escape and a wild ride on a bicycle-built-for-two prove that life is always open to new chapters and love is sometimes ... better late!

She's sure his town hides a lost treasure. He's sure she's up to no good.

Darby has spent most of her 55 years recovering stolen artwork from various unsavory people and places. So when an earthquake in a quaint California coastal town uncovers a clue to a diamond missing from Versailles since the 1750s, she figures it'll be her easiest job yet.

Todd has spent all his 55 years in the same quaint California coastal town, the last three decades as its assistant city clerk. He knows the place better than anyone, and he's not about to let it all get turned upside-down by some woman who seems unable to tell the truth.

Thrown together, Darby and Todd must confront more-villainous treasure hunters and their own growing attraction to find the gem before it vanishes from history once more.

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