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Here, you can find new additions to our collection! Click the book cover to read a sample from that romance novel.

NOTE: Better Late Romances are fun to read in ANY order.

Better Late Romance: Three Complete Later-in-Life Love Stories

True love is ageless...

Maggie Milne has everything she needs—a loving family, a delightful bakery, good books, and cat food.
But when Stephen Fox, a health food nut, opens a sporting goods store and café across the street and some of Maggie’s loyal customers begin to replace their morning donuts with gluten-free grub, Maggie’s ire, as well as her yeasty rolls, begins to rise.
It’s double- chocolate donuts meets kefir. Can two fifty-somethings from separate grocery store aisles overcome their differences?

The Christmas Swindle
Aspiring author Lauren Hallstrom has one objective: destroy the publishing house that scammed her out of her money and her dreams. Unfortunately, an aggressive poodle gets in her way, and sends her scrambling for refuge on the sports car parked beside the cutest guy she's ever encountered.
From the moment nerdy scientist Ron Walsh spots Lauren sprawled on top of his brother-in-law’s vintage T-Bird, he knows she's the girl for him. Too bad his unruly canine injured Lauren's pride, and, even worse, his mom is the cause of Lauren’s financial crisis.
Ron sets out to right his mother’s wrongs, tame the poodle, and win Lauren’s heart, but he needs more than his billions of dollars—he needs a Christmas miracle.

The Rainforest Rendezvous
Despite two of her grown children having time traveled, DeeDee refuses to believe the Witching Well legends. Sending people back through time? Finding true love? She’s not young and dumb.
When Witching Well water is slipped into her tea, DeeDee is cast afloat in a timeless adventure to the Brazilian Rainforest. She meets herds of capybaras, pink dolphins, and Liam Hastings, a World War One fighter pilot in search of the mythical Lost City of the Caesars.
Desperate to return to her real life, she bribes Liam to take her home. Thrown together in impossible situations, Liam and DeeDee are pitted in a race against not only villains but time itself.

DONT-BE-SILLY 080222.jpg
At 54, the fearless nurse doesn’t believe in love but she’s writing a romance. At 60, the bestselling novelist is happy to teach her about more than just storytelling... if he can stop her cat from terrorizing his dog.

Nurse Mandy Matchett dreams of writing a book. Why not take a class taught by her neighbor, mystery writer Richard Forbes, even though she finds him arrogant and her cat hates his dog? This outspoken duo is on course for a collision that will rock both their worlds.

Don’t Be Silly! At My Age? is the second book in the Sisters, Lovers & Second Chances series. Reviewers raved about Really? At Your Age?, which features Mandy’s sister, Dr. Cody Matchett. J. Molynick called it “...a riveting read! I finished it in a matter of a few hours.” Irene S. wrote, “This is a book that I will keep and reread again.”

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