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The OC Fictionaires

The Orange County Fictionaires was established more than 50 years ago and is recognized as one of the longest-running writers groups in the country. The spirit and strength of the group continues to support today’s members through a rigorous review process, as they develop professional-level written works.


There are currently about 20 writers in the group, with roughly a dozen attending each meeting. Most of the members are published; some teach writing; others are writing at an advanced level in preparation for publication. The first step to membership is approval of juried samples.


Members of the Fictionaires have been responsible for hundreds of projects -- published and produced fiction in all genres, including mysteries, YA, literary, romance, women’s fiction and fantasy/s.f. Among our best-known alumni are T. Jefferson Parker and Elizabeth George. Current member Neal Shusterman received a 2015 National Book Award for his novel Challenger Deep.


Presently, we are not open to applications for new members. Please check our Facebook page for information on applying in the future.

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